Our Limited Edition Art

Why is it that art can't be affordable? One-of-a-kind art is very expensive and time consuming to make. On the other end, mass produced art lacks any kind of originality and is the definition of bland and boring. For most people, average art simply fills their walls, and doesn't provoke any thoughts or emotions.

Can there be a middle ground between awesome and affordable? YES!

We offer original art that is only produced in small limited quantities. This means that even though I replicate the image using mixed media, only a hand full of the same image is ever produced, and never produced again once that run is sold out. This allows me to offer affordable art to people that truly enjoy it at a low cost.

Artwork available for purchase, includes in the description, the full run number produced. Each piece is hand signed and numbered on the back of the canvas by the artist. Once the run is sold out it will never be produced again.

Made in Chicago

We are a small artist studio located in Chicago, Illinois. Home to Lollapalooza, and other music festivals. Our city is an international destination for people around the world. We have a wide variety of local food and craft beverages to enjoy. We love our city and hope you'll have the opportunity to come and visit.